General election: Polls and odds tracker in final week of campaigning

6 Jun

The Tories will, however, face pressure from enthusiastic EU-backing Lib Dems who will seek to regain seats that they lost in the 2015 general election.

Mrs May currently holds Remain-backing Lewes with a majority of 1,083 (2.1 per cent) and Twickenham with a majority of 2,017 (3.3 per cent). Both of these were taken from the Lib Dems by David Cameron in 2015, and Tim Farron’s pro-EU party will be seeking to win them back.

Who is voting for which party?

Class is no longer the dividing line in British politics with the Conservatives attracting considerable support from working-class voters according to recent polling. 

Some 43 per cent of C2DE voters – which includes skilled and unskilled manual labourers, casual workers and pensioners – said they intend to vote Tory in the upcoming General Election, rising just three points among ABC1 voters, who include managerial, administrative or professional workers.