Mahagathbandhan in Trouble After SC Ruling Against Lalu Yadav

8 May

Patna: The Supreme Court judgment allowing the CBI to continue with criminal conspiracy cases against Lalu Prasad Yadav is not only a setback for him, but also the Nitish Kumar-led alliance government, which has recently seen allegations of corruption by the Yadav clan.

Sensing fissures within the grand coalition, the BJP has upped its ante against Lalu Yadav to force Nitish Kumar to rethink his alliance with the RJD.

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In past few weeks, Sushil Modi has openly challenged Nitish Kumar to break the alliance with the RJD. When a reporter asked Sushil Modi if his party will support Nitish Kumar, he said, “If Nitish comes out of coalition and decides to seek our support then our central leadership can take a decision.”

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This was followed by allegation that Lalu Yadav had given important posts to those politicians who helped his family get land at prime locations at throwaway prices.

Then emerged an audio clip allegedly highlighting a conversation between Lalu Yadav and jailed mafia don Shahabuddin over telephone. Bihar Chief Minister has directed state police to investigate audio tapes.

Conspicuously, the BJP and its state leaders have been sparing JD(U) while attacking the coalition government and only attacked Lalu Yadav and his family.

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JD(U) leaders have not supported their ally, leaving Lalu Yadav and his family in the lurch.

Surprisingly, a few BJP leaders went on record saying that documents related to corruption charges against Lalu Yadav were provided to them by some politicians close to Nitish Kumar.
After Monday’s Supreme Court order, the alliance seems to be at its weakest. The next few days may change the course of politics in Patna.